Prufrock'S Coffee Shop Hours

Prufrock’S Coffee Shop Hours : Best Deals in Austin!

Prufrock’S Coffee Shop Hours in Austin, Texas

Are you a coffee enthusiast in Austin, Texas looking for the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of your favorite brew? Look no further than Prufrock’s Coffee Shop!

Location and Contact Information

Address: 11 AM – 5 PM, Monday to Friday
Phone: (512) 232-9562
Prufrock'S Coffee Shop Hours  : Best Deals in Austin!


Customer Reviews

  • James Clarke: “Coffee actually tasted like it’s made from battery acid”
  • Aakash Dhruva: “Emphasis on the worst consumer service ever, especially in the morning”

Other Coffee Shops in the Area

  • Texas Expresso
  • O’s Campus Cafe and Catering
  • Starbucks

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who owns Prufrock coffee? – Prufrock Coffee
  • Does UT Austin have Starbucks on campus? – Yes, Starbucks can be found inside Jester Center
  • Is UT Austin library open to the public? – Yes, Perry-CastaƱeda Library serves both campus communities and the public

Hours of Operation

Prufrock’s Coffee Shop operates from 11 AM to 5 PM on weekdays. They are closed on weekends.

Prufrock'S Coffee Shop Hours  : Best Deals in Austin!


Connect with Prufrock’s Coffee

Whether you need a morning pick-me-up or a peaceful place to study, Prufrock’s Coffee Shop is the ideal destination for all your caffeine cravings in Austin, Texas!

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