Not Just Coffee Hours: Elevating Your Workspace

Not Just Coffee Hours – A Unique Coffee Experience

Are you tired of the mundane coffee shop routine where you just grab a cup of coffee and go? Not Just Coffee Hours offers a unique coffee experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Not Just Coffee Hours: Elevating Your Workspace


Founder and Ethos

Founded by James Yoder, Not Just Coffee is dedicated to cultivating a community supportive of ethical and locally-driven business practices. The brand proudly partners with neighbors like Homeland Creamery and focuses on sustainability and quality.

Not Just Coffee Hours: Elevating Your Workspace


Locations and Menus

Location Menu Hours
Not Just Coffee – Dilworth, Charlotte NC Menus vary by location, order ahead using Odeko app Open now!
Not Just Coffee – Jay Street, Austin TX Delicious offerings including avocado toast, parfait, and more Check with the location for specific hours

A Different Coffee Experience

  • No need to rush: The welcoming ambiance at Not Just Coffee Hours encourages you to stay a little longer than a typical coffee shop.
  • Community focus: Connect with like-minded individuals within a community committed to ethical and local values.
  • Quality-driven: Enjoy handcrafted beverages and locally-sourced ingredients for a premium coffee experience.
  • Creative menu: Treat yourself to unique offerings like lox toast, waffles, and more beyond just your regular coffee fix.

Visit Not Just Coffee

Experience the charm and warmth of Not Just Coffee at their different locations. Whether you’re in Charlotte or Austin, there’s a spot for you to relax, work, or simply savor a top-notch cup of coffee.


Not Just Coffee Hours is not just another coffee shop; it’s a destination for those seeking a genuine coffee experience that goes well beyond the cup. Visit them today and immerse yourself in a world of flavorful delights!

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