Caribou Coffee Hours Rochester Mn

Caribou Coffee Hours Rochester Mn : Convenience and Comfort.

Caribou Coffee Hours in Rochester, MN

Welcome to our guide on the operating hours of Caribou Coffee in Rochester, MN! If you’re a coffee lover or simply looking for a cozy place to relax, Caribou Coffee is a wonderful option. Caribou Coffee offers a variety of beverages, including coffee, tea, smoothies, and more! Let’s explore the hours of operation for Caribou Coffee in Rochester, MN.

Normal Business Hours

Caribou Coffee in Rochester, MN, maintains consistent hours throughout the week. They are typically open:

Day Opening Time Closing Time
Monday 6:00 AM 9:00 PM
Tuesday 6:00 AM 9:00 PM
Wednesday 6:00 AM 9:00 PM
Thursday 6:00 AM 9:00 PM
Friday 6:00 AM 9:00 PM
Saturday 7:00 AM 9:00 PM
Sunday 7:00 AM 9:00 PM

Please note that these times are subject to change and may vary on holidays or special occasions. It is always a good idea to double-check the hours of the specific location you plan to visit, as there might be some slight variations.

Holiday Hours

On holidays, Caribou Coffee may have adjusted hours. Some locations may open later or close earlier, so it’s essential to check their website or call ahead to confirm. Holidays often impact store hours to allow employees to spend time with their families. Here are a few examples of holidays that might affect Caribou Coffee’s operating hours:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

During these holidays, it’s advisable to plan your visit in advance or make use of the Caribou Coffee app to check the hours of operation, ensuring you don’t encounter any surprises.

Drive-Thru and WiFi Availability

If you’re looking for convenience, many Caribou Coffee locations in Rochester, MN, have drive-thru services available. This allows you to grab your favorite coffee on the go, perfect for those busy mornings or when you’re in a rush. Additionally, most Caribou Coffee stores offer free WiFi, enabling you to get some work done or relax while enjoying your favorite beverage.

Find Your Nearest Caribou Coffee

If you’re unsure about the specific Caribou Coffee location in Rochester, MN, here are a few ways to find the nearest one:

  1. Visit the Caribou Coffee website and use their store locator tool.
  2. Use a popular mapping app like Google Maps or Apple Maps and search for “Caribou Coffee in Rochester, MN.”
  3. Ask a local resident or friend for their recommended Caribou Coffee location.

By utilizing these methods, you’ll be able to locate the closest Caribou Coffee to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

Caribou Coffee Hours Rochester Mn  : Convenience and Comfort.


Caribou Coffee Hours Rochester Mn  : Convenience and Comfort.


Frequently Asked Questions Of Caribou Coffee Hours Rochester Mn : Convenience And Comfort.

What Are Caribou Coffee Hours In Rochester Mn?

At Caribou Coffee in Rochester Mn, we typically operate from early morning until late evening, providing you with delicious coffee all day long.

What Special Drinks Can I Find At Caribou Coffee?

Explore unique coffee drinks like the Campfire Mocha or Mint Condition available at Caribou Coffee in Rochester Mn, adding excitement to your coffee experience.

Does Caribou Coffee In Rochester Mn Offer Food Options?

Yes, our location in Rochester Mn provides a range of food options alongside our beverages, including pastries, sandwiches, and more for your enjoyment.


Caribou Coffee in Rochester, MN, offers a delightful coffee experience with convenient operating hours. Whether you need your morning cup of joe or a cozy spot to relax, Caribou Coffee has you covered. Remember to verify the specific hours for the location you wish to visit, especially during holidays. Enjoy your favorite beverage at Caribou Coffee and make your day a little brighter!

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